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Here at Doors Inc. we want to help you with all of your door needs. So to make sure that we get you that perfcet door we have created some pdf's to help you measure what you need.

• How to measure Bifolds (pdf)
How to measure Bypass Panels (pdf)
How to measure Bypass Doors (pdf)
How to measure Screen Doors (pdf)
How to measure Doors (pdf)
How to measure Window Screens (pdf)


Making your order could not be more simple. Simply phone our sales team on (425) 462-5177, fax us on (425) 462-5599, or alternativly email our sales team at with all your door needs and we we will get you your dream door as soon as possible.


Making a payment with us is easy. We accept all major credit cards, cheques, and cash.

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We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us by either phone, email, or fax,

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